Safety and Health, have we forgotten about it, in a Covid world?

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I was reading some articles lately and some of them highlighted what I was already thinking!!

In a Covid world that we are now living it is very easy to forget of the other hazards both associated with both our working lives and our home life.

Those hazards have not gone away but everything we do is dictated by Covid-19. Obviously there is a reason why Covid-19 has gotten everyone's focus at the moment, but as a Health and Safety professional and from what I have seen and read from others in my field, there is a fear that people are going to fall foul from forgetting, or not placing the amount of focus on other hazards as we did pre-covid.

Take Asbestos is one of those. Notorious, high focus, and on most peoples radar. So why as demand for Asbestos Awareness training fallen to a low with companies that had it booked prior to Covis-19 not now honoring that training to staff who have been back at work for a while now. Some can blame it on cut backs but in this case it cannot be cost as the workload and the size of the workforce remain the same! So why has it been deemed less of a priority now?

Are management using Covid-19 as the perfect smoke screen to reduce H&S standards?

Health and Safety Managers and Advisors not being on site as often during the stay at home if you can period from Government?

My concern is, not just with Asbestos but with all aspects of Safety and Health is that it is taking a back seat to Covid-19. What do you all feel about it?, Is it the same in the places where you work?

I suppose the HSE statistics next year will reveal all, but that is a reactive view of things, so I will ask you all: What are we going to do that's Proactive to ensure that incidents, accidents, serious injury or fatalities do not become a statistic?

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