ECSHE Top 15 Health and Safety Myths

Us here at ECSHE have been having a bit of fun this week. We have laughed. We have been debating the best health and safety myths of all time. There are some absolute beauties out there. We have narrowed it down to our top 15. I will apologise now for some added attempt at humour.

On a serious note people actually believe these, some scarily so!

15. At number fifteen is the Scottish golf course who told a group that buggies were not allowed to be ridden on the course because they were not "Health and Safety Authorised" Of course if they want to make it a site rule that is up to them but please do not hide behind H&S.


14. A disabled visitor to a hotel requested a lower mattress to enable them to access the bed easily. Having stayed there on two previous occasions and having the request granted, on a 3rd visit the request was denied. The hotel told the customer that it was against health and safety legislation and their insurance policy.

It must have been the work at height regulations

13. A woman on board a Turkish airline flight asked if she could have a blanket due to the fact that she was cold. The attendant refused on health and safety grounds. But she could buy one for £5.

Is that a Fee For Intervention?

12. Romping in at number twelve is the management company who refused to allow an odd job man to change light bulbs in a block of flats. Instead they made sure it was an electrician so as to be protected from negligence

Which bright spark thought of that idea?

11. At eleven is the supermarket, who on provided the brilliant response as to why all the plants on sale were drying out due to not being watered and were dying. Can you guess the response? Yes it was of course, "we are not allowed to water the plants because of health and safety".

My jokes will grow on you!

10. Now into the top ten. A lady fainted in a shop when she came round and was being helped by the kind staff into a chair, she asked for a glass of water but was refused YES due to health and safety rules. The lady contacted the HSE as she really thought it was a health and safety rule being imposed.

Water u thinking?

9. An enquirer to the HSE recorded that they had taken their disabled Mother to a country pub. Asking the landlady why there was no mirror in the toilet, the landlady stated it was for health and safety reasons.

They need to take a look at themselves.

8. According to the daily Telegraph, the British Legion in 2003 considered banning the use of pins with their poppies in fear of compensation claims by members of the public. The RBL made a statement that they never considered banning pins.

Prickly subject.

7. Number 7 in the great bonkers health and safety myths comes with the need for trapeze artists to wear hard hats.

Hard hats do an excellent job at protecting people from falling objects and debris but on a trapeze? really.

Its a bit of a circus really.

6. A doctor had advised a patient to wear sunglasses when sunny as it affected his eyes. The building roof in which the patient worked was 70% glass and became very uncomfortable to work in on a sunny day. The doctor provided the patient with a note explaining for the employer. When handed the note, the employer told the employee that for health and safety reason they could not wear the sunglasses at work.

Blinded by the light maybe?

5. At number five and for reasons which are commonly frequent in the Covid-19 era today is where microwaves and kettles were banned from a workplace on health and safety grounds and increased insurance payments.

Food for thought perhaps.

4. Coming in at number four is one that is so flat if it was not on the HSE website it would be totally unbelievable. A customer in a pub purchased a bottle of champagne as a celebration. Wanting to pop the cork themselves proved a request too far when staff refused them this request on health and safety grounds. Staff had to do the opening.


3. Into the top three.

A DIY store was asked for some advice on which spot lights to buy. An electrician had given block sizes they needed and the customer asked where to look for the block sizes on the products. Wanting some general advice on the different spot lights available also. The staff member refused on health and safety grounds and did not want to be liable.

More like advise your than do it yourself.

2. We have resisted the urge to go with most others top myths by not including the conkers in school myth. Number two is funny in itself but comes with a serious note. All to often I hear in workplaces that people think that health and safety is the employers responsibility and not theirs!

Yes employers have a duty to their employees but employees have a duty to keep themselves safe, cooperation and common sense is required.

Catch me when I fall.

  1. 1. Well coming in at number one and seeing as post lock-down everyone will be wanting a camper van as they wont be flying abroad for their holibobs is this treasure.

  2. When booking a pitch on a campsite, a booking agent told a customer that they could not have 2 people sleeping in a camper van and another 2 in a tent on health and safety grounds. but they could park the camper van and sleep all 4 in the tent. Otherwise it would be double the price. Careful where you pitch up.

Well that is ECSHE top 15 and it has been fun pulling them together. If you want to send in your top 5 or top 10 then later in the year I will compile an overall top list. Send to

Look out for our next blog and we are also looking for guest bloggers, get in touch if your interested.

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