• Gary McAteer

ECSHE Top 15 Health and Safety Myths

Us here at ECSHE have been having a bit of fun this week. We have laughed. We have been debating the best health and safety myths of all time. There are some absolute beauties out there. We have narrowed it down to our top 15. I will apologise now for some added attempt at humour.

On a serious note people actually believe these, some scarily so!

15. At number fifteen is the Scottish golf course who told a group that buggies were not allowed to be ridden on the course because they were not "Health and Safety Authorised" Of course if they want to make it a site rule that is up to them but please do not hide behind H&S.


14. A disabled visitor to a hotel requested a lower mattress to enable them to access the bed easily. Having stayed there on two previous occasions and having the request granted, on a 3rd visit the request was denied. The hotel told the customer that it was against health and safety legislation and their insurance policy.

It must have been the work at height regulations