COVID-19 and the Workplace

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Unprecedented, Furlough, Social Distancing, Shielding, Self-Isolation, Flattening the Curve and Whutan.

Just some of the words that have become part of everyday vocabulary, that up until only a couple of short months ago many of us would never have even read, never mind used, how things change.

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus is quoted to say “Change is the only Constant in life”. When was this phrase more relative than now?

December 2019, everyone on the planet is undergoing normal life, enjoying the freedoms that life brings such as going to the beach, eating and drinking in pubs and restaurants, meeting friends, Christmas markets and going to sporting events. Just normal life, right? Well not in a province in the Democratic Republic of China. A new Coronavirus was about to introduce itself to the world.

The name later given to this Coronavirus was Covid-19.

What does COVID-19 stand for I hear you ask! COrona VIrus Disease – 2019. Everyday is a school day.

Fast forward 5 long torturous months. We have statics quoted daily by politicians at the daily briefing sessions. 36,675 UK deaths later (Remember every single death is a family tragedy)

Statistically the UK is starting to plan ahead for the future, starting to get more exercise, able to go to garden centres and to be able to go to beauty spots for our exercise.